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Automatic Cutting Machine

Honggang - Professional automatic full-automatic cutting machine manufacturers with over 20 years experience. We bring here a great selection of full-automatic cutting machine for sale with competitive price. Please rest assured to buy.
Our full-automatic cutting machines are batch-cutters for wire, coax cable, and tubing all wrapped up in one efficient, automatic, programmable unit at an affordable price. Our automatic cutters perform a wide range of applications for different materials and sizes.
With full-automatic cutting machines, your employees can do other tasks, be more efficient, perform less repetitive work, and get jobs done faster and safer.
The machine is controlled by Programmable logic controller,with touching screen,to set and micro-adjust working pressure,Cutting depth,feeding speed easier,faster and more precise.
After die cutting, it is output from the other side to ensure accurate feeding and stable operation. And the feeding length can be easily adjusted through the touch screen.
Suitable for processing all kinds of flexible sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, cardboard, felt, asbestos, glass fiber, cork, and other synthetic materials. Widely used in leather and shoes, handbags and bags, gloves and hats, crafts and silk flowers, embroidery, puzzles and cards, blister and packaging, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic chemicals, automobiles and electronics, and other light Industry.
  • Full Automatic Feeding Foam Sheet Cutting Machine
    Full automatic feeding foam sheet cutting machine is special for epe foam, sponge, pe foam, pearl cotton, plastic sheet and other sheet materials.This is especially suitable for long versions.It is very convenient for cutting and slicing materials....
  • Automatic Die Cutting Machine
    Automatic die cutting machine is used for die cutting disposable plastic blister or foam packaging,EPE foam packaging.automotive /plane interiors etc....
  • Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine
    Hydraulic die cutting machine features automatic feeding, automatic clamping and automatic cutting. It has an automatic lubrication cooling function, and its hydraulic system uses a water-cooling device to solve the high temperature effects caused by long hours of work....
  • Four Column Cutting Machine
    This vertical four column cutting machine is suitable for die cutting blister, puffing ground etc, or as setting machine, cutting with top and bottom mould....
  • Vertical Cutting Machine
    This vertical cutting machine is uesd for die cutting food packing containers and industrial packing materials such as PP, HIPS, OPS, PET, PVC, PE, BS, PSP etc.vacuum & air pressure forming products....
  • Hydraulic Press Cutting Machine
    In industrial production, the hydraulic press cutting machine is very versatile. Its function is mainly to use the molding die to obtain the desired sheet or semi-finished product through cutting action....
  • Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine
    The automatic fabric cutting machine is also called hydraulic cutting machine, it is fully automatic, It is suitable for directly cutting single layer or multi-layer of fabric, rubber, felt, leather, nylon, PVC or EVA floor material and carpet etc. Rolls materials....
  • Car Interior Cutting Machine
    car interior cutting machine This cutting machine is widely used in the car interior industry, Tt applies to all car interior materials, such as Sound insulation cotton, car mat, car leather and so on. If you are a car interior factory, I think you need our cutting machine.......
  • Double Site Cutting Machine
    The working principle of the double site cutting machine is down press to the mould, and it to cut material by dies / moulds. Work on both sides at the same time, double the production efficiency....
  • Hydraulic Egg Tray Making Machine
    This hydraulic egg tray making machine is usually used for die cutting plastic blister packaging,such as egg tray, cup cover, food tray, fruit box etc....
Honggang is one of the leading automatic automatic cutting machine manufacturers certified by CE, SGS and TUV. Welcome to import automatic cutting machine for sale here and check the price with us.
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