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Automatic Cutting Machine

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is fully automatic, it used for die cutting multi-layer fabric , cloth etc. Rolls materials.
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Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine


1. Application:

The automatic fabric cutting machine is also called hydraulic cutting machine, it is fully automatic, It is suitable for directly cutting single layer or multi-layer of fabric, rubber, felt, leather, nylon, PVC or EVA floor material and carpet etc. Rolls materials.

1. PLC and touch screen program control, the machine can feed and material automatically . it save the workers' labor ;

2. Special conveyer belt feeding , it feed the material into cutting area and feed the product out after cutting . it enhance the machine working efficiency ;

3. Using the air cooler , it can cool down the machine hydraulic oil temperature .


2. Feature:

1. Roller device with auto rolling function to roll materials easily; rollers easy to change.

2. Controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching saeen, to adjust working pressure, stroke, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.

3. Automatic roller-in-feeding, movable clamp out-feeding, allows all cutting process without any labor.

4. Auto-balance structure of double-cylinder, four-column and self-balance connecting rod, makes sure equal pressure In any working area.


3. Parameter:

Product name: automatic fabric cutting machine

Cutting foce: 50 to 300 Tons

Cutting area: 810*1400mm

Stroke: 50-240mm


4.  Picture:

Automatic Fabric Cutting MachineAutomatic Fabric Cutting MachineAutomatic Fabric Cutting Machine

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