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Cup thermorforming machine

Blister Skin and Vacuum Packaging Machines

Blister Skin and Vacuum Packaging Machines

Description: The vacuum forming process is a thermoforming process. A method of making an open shell article from a thermoplastic sheet. The plastic sheet is cut into a certain size to be heated and softened, and is deformed and applied to a specific mold contour surface by means of a pressure...
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Blister Skin and Vacuum Packaging Machines


The FSCT770570, which is a combination of mechanical,electrical and pneumatic components, adopts the

most advanced  thermoforming technology. The whole  system is controlled by micro PLC and operated  by the manmachine interface. It combines the feeding, heating, forming, cutting and stacking into one process.


Sheet  material


Max forming area


Max forming depth


Max plastic width

≤790mm (Adjustable)

Max plastic sheet dia.


Thickness of plastic sheet


Forming speed


Air pressure


Air consumption


Power consumption


Machine Kilowatt consumption




Power supply

380v/50Hz Three phase four wires

Size of machine


Application :

1. Plastic forming machine for packing is suitable for materials like VC,PE,PET,PC,PP,HIPS,APET,PETG,PS, etc;

2. Can be used to produce snack box, fruit tray , biscuit box ,toothbrush ,battery , gift, little hardware ,stationary, decorative article , pill,etc.


1. By relay under automatic mode.
2. The sheet moving by the servo motor: its speed can be adjustable, the torque is large and high precision.
3.It is reliable in thick sheets.
4. With the specially-made alloy track its friction ratio is small and it is stable and quick in drawing sheets.
5. Air channel adopts copper pipe: anti-aging protective, durability.
6.Digital display pressure regulating module control oven temperature: voltage stabilization, temperature stabilization and beautiful and graceful.

7.The customer must offer the sample or drawing, then we can design and produce the forming mold and cutting mold.The machine is no-including the cost of those molds.

Blister Skin and Vacuum Packaging Machines

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