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Hydraulic Polyurethane Foam Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Polyurethane Foam Cutting Machine

Application: The four-column automatic balancing structure ensures the accuracy and ease of operation of the cutting line. In addition, it can be used for coils such as PU and PVC rolls, not just sheets. The cutting machine always has other names of presses, punching machines, molding machines,...
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Product Details

Essential Parameter

Main Technical Parameters
ITEM NO.Capacitytable-board underneath sizePress base sizeTable heightHORSE POWERMax spacingMax range

accuracyMachine sizePacking sizeCBMweightGross weight
±0.01mm1320 x 1200 x 1900 mm1.6 x 1.4 x 2.1 M34.7M32 ton2.5Ton


Metal or nonmetal parts stamping, forming, shallow tensile, plastic shaping, die and trimming, blanking , cut material and so on.

Hydraulic Polyurethane Foam Cutting Machine can press the typical products usch as auto brake pad liner , watch surface, watchcase, table bottom cover, strap, LED heat sink, tableware, commemorative badges, gifts, accessories, jewelry, glasses frame, signs, locks, lights, button, grinding wheel suppression and circuit boards, electronic modules such as correction, straightening of material installation.


1,The Main cylinder is adpoted Alloy steel forging as a whole or High quality ductile iron casting as a whole, and processed of precision grinding, reliable using under high pressure;

2,The main piston is adpoted alloyed steel forging, precised polish and chromed surface , Good abrasion resistance;

3, The post adopted the high strength alloyed steel produce , hardening and tempering overall processed , and polished chromed surface treatment , good abrasion resistance

Configuration Detail
l PLC 1 Set Mitsubishi
l Touch Screen 1 Set Shanghai EV
l Safety Photoelectric 1 Set Taiwan
l Automatic Depth Adjustment Motor 1 Set Taiwan
l Main Motor (7.5KW-4) 1 Set QL Taiwan
l Oil Pump 1 Set Danxin Taiwan
l Magnetic Valve 1 Group Danxin Taiwan
l Main engine Oil Cylinder 1 Set Self-production
l Feeding Oil System Cylinder 1 Set Self-production
l Air Cooling System 1 Set Self-production
l Oil Seal 1 Set Japan
l Feed Plate Slippery Course 2 Bar HIWINSH
l PE Plate(10mm) 1 Piece Made in China


1.Our product is made by excellent workers and designed by professional engineers, welcome to our factory and test in person;

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Service Support

1) Our corporation has over 10 years experiences in manufacturing and supplying such machines and consumables.

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