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Commercial Die Cutting Machine

Commercial Die Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Die Leather Cutting Machine The machine is suitable for cutting single or multi-layer leather, rubber, plastic, cloth, foam, nylon, synthetic leather, polyvinyl chloride sheet and non-woven fabric, especially suitable for cutting wide coil and coil. In addition, it is especially...
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Commercial Die Cutting Machine

The machine is suitable for cutting single layer or multiple layers of leather, rubber, plastic, cloth, foam, nylon, synthetic leather, pvc board and nonwoven cloth etc. materials, especial suitable for cutting wide and coiled materials. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for cutting parts that require small die cutter, regular cutting and batch production, such as football, volleyball, tennis ball and grinding wheel etc.


Cutting width(mm) 1150
Max.cutting height(mm)
(Without auxiliary panel )
Max.cutting length(mm) 1150
Main motor power(kw) 4
Net weight(kg) 3800
Width with sideway(mm) 2650
Without sideway(mm) 2365
Machine lenght 2465
Machine height 1650
Front table length(mm) 735
Table height(mm) 900
Clamp pressure min(dan/bs) 150

Main Features

1. The efficiency is excellent. Excellent structure design.
2. Safe and easy to operate, even an inexperienced worker can operate.
3. Its working is smooth and beautiful too.  
4. High quality parts ensure long life of the machine
5. Easy to clean up, minimize the damage.


1.Our corporation has hired lots of practice and experienced designers, with their guidance, our workers could make top class stuffs.

2.We can sure you that if any problem emerges, our company is glad to send relevant engineer to go to repair and replace the damaged castings for free.

Service Support

1) Our corporation has enough experiences in manufacturing and supplying such products and consumables;

2) We have professional engineers and each of them has perfect skills to solve any potential problem;

3) There is an excellent team for sales, after-sales and Technology support!

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