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Press Cutting Machine

Press Cutting Machine

Four-pillars hydraulic press cutting machine is suitable for the hard and soft leather materials of leather products with a width of 1600mm and a thickness below 610mm.
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Four-pillars hydraulic press cutting  machine is suitable for the hard and soft materials of non-metal products with a width of 1600mm and a thickness below 610mm.




Product name

B30T Hydraulic press cutting machine

Brand name


Cutting area

610*1600 (mm),or as request.

Cutting Force

30 tons

Feeding system



die cut thermoforming,packaging,sponge,plastic,foam,toys,Jigsaw,puzzles, grinding wheels, electronic, automotiveinteriors, bras, EPEpackaging, sponges, box, film, gloves, balls, carpets, gaskets, balls, medical accessories, labels, garment, silkcot,shoes sole,lunch box,paper cardboard/sheet, leather goods (shoes, bags, luggages, belts), sheets, hardboards, etc.

Press Cutting Machine


It is suitable for all kinds of plastic, sponge, EPE pearl cotton, carpets, automotive interior, gloves, bags, puzzles, EVA, PAC, PVS, plastic floor, ceiling, floor mats, car cushion car seat, decoration materials, square tiles, flooring, carpet, football, sandpaper, grinding wheel, polishing, polishing CD, insoles, shoe uppers and shoe soles, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, paper, canvas, nylon, non-woven fabric, cotton fabric and various non-metallic materials in one layer or multilayer sheet and coil using the knife mold cutting so as to achieve the purpose of molding.

Press Cutting Machine product

It can be adjusted at will so as to improve  the product quality and to enhance the market competition force.


We can produce different cutting force and cutting area of your press cutting machine according to your demand.
factory direct sales, one year warranty.
OEM orders welcomed!

More detail about press cutting mcahine:

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(1)What's warranty of machine?

->12 months Warranty

Life-long maintenance service for machine

(2)How to maintain the machine?

->1.  Replace hydraulic oil

2. Clear dust

3. Fastening bolt

4. Check lubrication system

5. Check the parallelism of the table

(3)Are you a factory or trading company? 

->We are a factory and manufacturer

(4)What is the guarantee of product quality?

->We offer our customers a one-year free maintenance service. In general, our technical staff will identify the cause of the problem based on customer feedback.

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