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Manual die cutting machine

Swing Beam Clicker Press Machine

Swing Beam Clicker Press Machine

Application: This is a swing arm cutter (also known as a cutting press) that uses a titanium alloy process to develop a two-way hydraulic system that allows the swing arm to move easily and smoothly. It melts the best steel plates for optimum tensile strength and optimum crack resistance. The......
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Swing Beam Clicker Press Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of  shoe uppers, soles, insoles, leather, rubber, chemical fiber,cardboard, paper,nylon, canvas, non-woven fabrics, cotton and hemp fabrics, plastic bags, and all kinds of synthetic materials through cutting dies.

Swing Beam Clicker Press Machine

Swing Beam Clicker Press Machine


1) Multifunction:   can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting , flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on.

2) Using multiple safeguards to reduce the failure rate and maintenance rate .

3) Reserved for various maintenance and channel interfaces , enabling customers to self-maintenance and repair.

4) Equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator .


Max. Cutting Width:

1150 mm

Feed Depth:

1150 mm

Clamp Opening:

160 mm

Front Table:

700 mm

Table Height:

900 mm

Smallest Cut:

20 mm

Clamp Pressure min. / max.:

300 / 4500 kg

Cuts per minute:

40 - 42

Power - Main Drive:

5 HP

Power - Back Gauge:

1 HP

Power - Blower:

1 HP

Net / Gross Weight:

3500 / 3800 kg


2.6 x 1.8 x 1.6 m

Shipping Volume:

8.0 m3


1.Our product is made by excellent workers and designed by professional engineers, welcome to our factory and test in person;

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Service Support

1) Our corporation has over 10 years experiences in manufacturing and supplying such machines and consumables.

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