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Full-automatic cutting machine

Fully Automatic Full Belt Roller Feeding Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Full Belt Roller Feeding Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Full Belt Roller Feeding Cutting Machine This roller feeding cutting machine with roller feeding system, It replaces the manual feeding method of traditional cutting machines, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Application: Garment industry, footwear, textile...
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Fully Automatic Full Belt Roller Feeding Cutting Machine

Detail of machine:

Fully Automatic Full Belt Roller Feeding Cutting Machine


1. Automatic Hydraulic cutting Machine is applicable to continuous and large-batch cutting of nonmetal materials such as fabric leather, carpet, rubber and cloth etc. in large-scale factories by die cutter;

2. Use PLC computer touch screen to control procedures, servo motor driver conveying system, insure feeding accurate range, with stable running speed;

3. The main machine is controlled by four-column guiding, double-crank balancing, four-column blocking fine adjustment mechanism and hydraulic control system, which can guarantee the speed and accuracy of die cutting machine.


Cut Precision:

± 0.10mm



Max cutting size:

950 x540mm Or 950 x640mm

Max feeding Width:


Suitable Material:

100-800g/m2 Pe coated paper, cardboard paper, Kraft paper etc

Maximum Pressure:


Total Power:




Overall Dimension:

10000 x 4000 x 2000 mm


1.Suitable for single or multi-layer sheets or coils;

2.Stroke adjustment device, makes stroke simple and correct to adjust with cutting die, cutting board and materials;

3.Auto-balance structure of double-cylinder, four-column and selfbalance connecting rod, makes sure equal pressure in any working area;

4. Machines of special specifications can be available on request.


1.Our product is made by excellent workers and designed by professional engineers, welcome to our factory and test in person;

2.We will offer enough relevant devices to ensure customers will be satisfied;

3.Once we finished deal, we can provide discount, which depends on how the scale of your order;

4.Customization is available, and we will utilize top class technique.

Service Support

1) Our corporation has over 10 years experiences in manufacturing and supplying such machines and consumables;

2) We have professional engineers and each of them has enough skills to solve any potential problems;

3) There is an excellent team for sales, after-sales and Technology support!

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