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Full-automatic cutting machine

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

The automatic feeding cutting machine is fully automatic, it used for die cutting soundproof products, car seat covers, multi-layer fabric etc. Rolls materials....
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Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

1. Application:

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine can die cut any nonmetal materials such as leather, foam, sponge,blister,and very suits to the materials which can  roll to a roller, thanks to its automatic roller feeding system.

2. Feature:
1. Automatic roller feed, can move the fixture out, all cutting process without any manual.
2. Roller device with automatic rolling function, easy to roll material; roll is easy to change.
3. PLC control (programmable logic controller), touch saeen, adjust working pressure, stroke, feed speed is more convenient, faster and more accurate.
4. Double-cylinder, four-column, self-balanced linkage automatic balance structure, to ensure equal pressure in any work area.

3. Parameter:

cutting force:60-300tons


cutting area:810*1400mm


4.The production process:

1)The chain-system roller rolls materials autmaticly with high speed and high quality.
2)Feeding bar to hold matiral to the right station.
3)After cutting, the chaind moving belt conveys the samples with live splint.
4)The samples.

5. Picture:

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

6. About us

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