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Honggang - Professional automatic embossing machine manufacturers with over 20 years experience. We bring here a great selection of embossing machine for sale with competitive price. Please rest assured to buy.
The embossing machine is mainly used for embossing, embossing, creasing and trademark pressing on various fabrics, and can also be used for embossing trademark on non-woven fabric, coating, artificial leather, paper and aluminum plate, simulating leather pattern and various patterns of different shades.
Embossing machine is the use of high frequency high frequency welding principle of two or more pieces of plastic workpiece fusion together, through the high frequency so that the material heat and fusion together. The workpiece produced by this welding method has the same firmness as the glue.
This device has an external motor and oil pump for good ventilation and cooling conditions and safe operation. The machine is stable and reliable in quality, fast in speed and high in output. It is the best and most extensive color machine in the tannery and other industries. The machine adopts hydraulic automatic control cutting, which is simple and convenient to operate, safe and efficient.
This machine is fit for stamping on the surface of plane objects.With fast speed and low energy consumption.It mainly applied to surface stamping and logo for leather, shoes, PVC card, rubber ,plastic Products etc. embossing, perforating, cutting and so on.
Honggang is one of the leading automatic embossing machine manufacturers certified by CE, SGS and TUV. Welcome to import embossing machine for sale here and check the price with us.
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