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Leather Embossing Machine

Texture Boutique Embossing Machine for Leather

Texture Boutique Embossing Machine for Leather

Embossing machine for leather is designed for any leather goods, such as lady's handbag, footwear, notebook cover, and phones leather cover, menu cover and so on. and the leather embossing...
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Texture Boutique Embossing Machine for Leather


This machine is flat stamping on the basis, based on the principle of leverage ,let the power of  the leverage effect on the heating element and the working interface to achieve the required pressure, the machine not only can be used as Bronzing, and can be used for indentation and small die-cutting.

Protruding from the plane bronzing applicable to a wide range of items such as paper, leather, wood, plastic, PVC, transfer, indentation, auto-donated paper manually stamping operation, the powerful flexibility.


1.Four safety insurance switches: Gantry insurance; triangle insurance; handle insurance and automatic light control insurance. Any one is broken, our machine will not work.
2.Three functions: Single piece die cutting, continues die cutting and delay die cutting, the delay time can be adjusted according to the proficiency of our workers. It is suitable for skilled and unskilled workers.
3.Our machine body is made of high quality integrally casting, has high strength and good stiffness.
4.Our sliding bearing is high quality copper alloy, has good wear-resistant.
5.The brake clutch adopts electric suction plate brake clutch to keep the braking sensitive and reliable.
6.Adjustable template makes the plate loading, unloading more easily.
7.Oil lubricating way: Centralized oil lubricating and manual oil lubricating.


1, Power :220V 50HZ
2, Printing plate area: 290 * 210mm
3, Table size: 400 * 320mm
4, Maximum pressure:4000kg
5, Vertical stroke: 40mm
6, Heating power: 1600W
7 Feeding: Motor Drive
8, Temperature range: room temperature~300 ° C
9, Weight: 130Kg
10, Dimensions:650 * 650 * 900mm

1, The pressure is strong, excellent quality stamping;
2, Table forward and backward rotation adjustment;
3, The stamping pressure, temperature, transfer time can be adjusted;
4, Automatic document feeder, the collection of paper, and adjustable;
5, Worktable elevating adjustable, convenient stamping workpieces of different heights;
6, The connecting rod design, Pressing maintain constant pressure;


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