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Leather Embossing Machine

Leather Embossing Press Die Plate

Leather Embossing Press Die Plate

Embossing machine for leather is designed for any leather goods, such as lady's handbag, footwear, notebook cover, and phones leather cover, menu cover and so on. and the leather embossing...
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Based on the flat stamping principle, the machine allows the force of the lever effect to reach the required pressure on the heating element and the working interface according to the principle of the lever. This machine can be used not only for bronzing, but also for indentation and small die cutting. It is suitable for a wide range of projects such as paper, leather, wood, plastic, PVC, transfer, indentation, automatic donation paper manual stamping operations, etc., with great flexibility.



Area:600*500mm or 600*700mm or custom

Dimension: 1550*1150*1520mm


This machine is suitable for embossing leather and other fabric surfaces. The machine itself is equipped with an automatic loading system to achieve fast positioning and improve work efficiency. Its embossing time and temperature can be set by simple operation, with high safety performance and high operability.

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