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Honggang - Professional automatic embossing plate manufacturers with over 20 years experience. We bring here a great selection of embossing plate for sale with competitive price. Please rest assured to buy.
Embossing mould (plate) is a key component of the ironing machine for embossing machine manufacturing equipment. It is a special mould for finishing and embossing. Types:
1. aluminum-magnesium alloy leather embossing mould (abbreviation: aluminum version) The use of LF3 aluminum-magnesium alloy material generally produced by the corrosion method.
2. Steel single-layer leather embossing mould (abbreviation: steel plate) The use of medium-carbon steel plate is generally produced by the method of etching.
3. steel composite leather embossing mould (abbreviation: composite version) Composite version is a pattern made by electroforming in the copper plate, and then through the composite machine with high temperature and high pressure method of welding the copper plate on the plate.
Main products:
1. Leather Aluminum Embossing Sheet Metal: This Leather aluminum embossing sheet metal can be applied to our Leather aluminum embossing sheet metal.Tell us your request, we provide customized mould die service.
2. Shoe Heat Press Aluminum Mould: The Shoe Heat Press Aluminum Mould is an embossing machine for processing the surface of the leather material. We are the most professional and largest embossed sheet supplier or named leather embossed pattern and have adopted different kinds of materials and patterns.
Honggang is one of the leading automatic embossing plate manufacturers certified by CE, SGS and TUV. Welcome to import embossing plate for sale here and check the price with us.
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