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Embossing Plate

Shoe Heat Press Aluminum Mould

Shoe Heat Press Aluminum Mould

It's heated to emboss on leather. It can be designed into any patterns: embossing, carving, perforating, polishing and so on....
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shoe heat press aluminum mould

The shoe heat press aluminum mold is an embossing machine for processing the surface of the leather material. We are the most professional and largest embossed sheet supplier or named leather embossed pattern and have adopted different kinds of materials and patterns. For the new model provided by the customer, we will first make a sample for testing.

Som shoe heat press aluminum mold

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Embossing product




Why choose us?

  1. we supply custom sample to confirmation embossing plates for leather

  2. .any size up to buyer request

  3. any pattern up to buyer custom(animal , green ,person , flower and so on ) embossing plates for leather

  4. supply world fashion pattern embossing plates for leather

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