• Blister Plastic Cutting Machine

    ​This blister packaging cutting machine is also called hydraulic cutting machine,is cut by mould/dieThis machine is commonly used in the plastic packaging industry, it die cut egg trays, plastic lids, electronic product packaging, plastic lunch boxes
  • Plastic Packaging Cutting Machine

    We are a professional manufacturer of plastic packaging manufacturing cutting machines, it very suitable for blister plastic packaging, sush as egg packaging tray, cup cover, fruit box, disposable food container and so on.
  • Cutting Machine For Blister Food Tray

    Cutting machine for blister food tray,it also called hydraulic cutting machine, it can be widely used to die cut various fields such as Food packaging (Macaron Packaging, Sushi Container,Cake Boxes, Biscuit Tray,Chocolate Tray,Sea Food Tray,Meal Tray
  • Plastic Egg Tray Cutting Machine

    Plastic egg tray cutting machine is alsoed a hydraulic cutting machine, this machine is widely used in plastic packaging industry, nowadays, the egg trays on the market are all cut out by cutting machines.
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