Blister Plastic Cutting Machine
May 02, 2018

Blister Plastic Cutting Machine

In the blister packaging industry, the cutting machine is one of the most common machines. In the production process of plastic products, the cutting machine is responsible for the most important step, but also the last step, (the cutting part).

We are a professional manufacturer of cutting machines. We are the largest manufacturer of cutting machines in China and have a high reputation. Especially in the plastic industry, our machines are doing exceptionally well and have been recognized by our customers.

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Blister Plastic Cutting Machine

This blister packaging cutting machine is also called hydraulic cutting machine,is cut by mould/dieThis machine is commonly used in the plastic packaging industry, it die cut egg trays, plastic lids, electronic product packaging, plastic lunch boxes, rice bowls and other disposable packaging boxes etc.

cutting force: 50-300tons

cutting area: 810* 1400mm or customization

stroke: 50-240mm


1. Double automatic working tables, increases the output twice or triple.
2. Controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure, cutting depth, feeding speed easier, faster and more precise.
3. Powered by hydraulic system, slow down when the cutting die touches material, to confirm the precision between upper and bottom for thick materials
4. Auto-balance structure of double-cylinder, four-column and self-balance connecting rod, makes sure equal pressure in any working area.
5. Central automatic lubrication system, increases machine durability, prolong the working time.

Blister Plastic Cutting Machine

Blister Plastic Cutting Machine

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