Carpet cutting machine professional introduction
Jan 11, 2019

The carpet has good elasticity, is resistant to dirt, is not afraid to step on, does not fade, and does not deform. In particular, it has the ability to store dust. When dust falls on the carpet, it no longer flies, so it can purify the indoor air and beautify the indoor environment. The carpet has the characteristics of soft texture, comfortable foot and safe use.

Carpets are divided into chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets, hemp carpets, etc.; although carpets have different materials and styles, they all have good sound absorption, sound insulation and moisture resistance. After the carpeting of the family in the residential building, the noise disturbance upstairs and downstairs can be alleviated. The carpet also has the function of preventing cold and keeping warm, and is especially suitable for the use of the room of the rheumatism patient. Wool carpets are the top grades in carpets and are known as the "Queens" of interior art.

The structure of the carpet is mainly a kind of high-grade floor decoration material which is made of animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber and the like, and is processed by weaving, cutting and the like. There are two types of carpets: pure wool and chemical fiber. Pure wool carpets are divided into hand-woven and woven. The former is a pure wool carpet product produced by traditional manual craftsmanship, and the latter is a purely wool carpet product developed by the modern machine.

The characteristic of the carpet hydraulic cutting machine is that when the punching head acts on the workpiece through the die, the pressure in the working cylinder does not reach the rated pressure, and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (cutting into the workpiece) increases. Until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve is reversed, and the punching head begins to reset; at this time, the pressure in the cylinder may not reach the set rated pressure value due to the time limit of the pressure oil entering the cylinder; That is to say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, and the die cutting has been completed.

The scope of use of cutting machine: suitable for foam materials, cardboard, textiles, plastic materials, leather, rubber, packaging materials, flooring materials, carpets, fiberglass, cork and other non-metallic materials through the die to achieve the material by the pressure generated by the machine Punching and cutting.

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