Cleaning Sponge Cuting Machine
Apr 25, 2018

Cleaning Sponge Cuting Machine

cleaning sponge is the most common FMCG in our daily life. Then, do you know how it is made? True, most of their finished products were produced by our cutting machine.

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Large manual cutting force, large cutting area, suitable for non-metallic soft materials such as sponge cutting and foam cutting in the packaging industry and cleaning industry.

cleaning sponge cuting machine

Due to the high stroke of 240 mm and the opening of the cutting area, sponge foam cutting can be used for long sheet material cutting or roller foam cutting. In addition, you can add a long table to store sponge material.

cleaning sponge cuting machine

Compared with the automatic type, the manual type can save the cost and the operation is convenient, but the output is lower.

The manual type of cutting force is from 25 tons to 50 tons, if you need 60+ tons, it also can be customized. The standard cutting area is 610x1220mm, 810x1400mm, 810x1600mm, or as required.

Cleaning sponge cuting machine - Cutting die:


Cleaning sponge cuting - Sample:

cleaning sponge cuting machine .jpg

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