Cutting Machine For Blister Food Tray
May 25, 2018

Cutting Machine For Blister Food Tray

Cutting machine for blister food tray,it also called hydraulic cutting machine, it can be widely used to die cut various fields such as Food packaging (Macaron Packaging, Sushi Container,Cake Boxes, Biscuit Tray,Chocolate Tray,Sea Food Tray,Meal Tray, Salad Bowl), Medical Packaging, Cosmetic packaging,Electronic products packaging, Gift packaging, Hardware tools packaging, products displaying etc.

plastic cutting machine8.jpg

Our cutting machine Feature:

1.Double automatic workbench, increase output by two or three times.

2.PLC (programmable logic controller) control is adopted. The touch screen is set to adjust the working pressure, cutting depth and feeding speed faster, faster and more accurate.
3. Driven by the hydraulic system, when the cutting die contacts the material, it will slow down to determine the upper and lower precision of the thick material
4. Double cylinder, four-column, self-balancing link automatic balance structure to ensure the pressure in any working area.
5. The central automatic lubrication system increases the durability of the machine and extends the working time.

Working picture:

plastic cutting machine05_副本.jpg

plastic cutting machine10_副本.jpg

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