Cutting Machine For Pe Foam
May 31, 2018

Cutting Machine For Pe Foam

About pe foam:

PE foam is called Polyethylene foam, it is widely used in packaging for precision instrumentation, household appliances, glass and ceramic products, handicrafts, valuables, etc. Buffer packaging; can be made into cushioning liners, as packaging lining material; can also be made into buffer bags , Buffer boxes and other packaging containers; can also be made of insulated containers for frozen foods and hot foods.

Since the polyethylene foam has good chemical resistance and does not cause rust and corrosion of the product when it comes into direct contact with the product during packaging, the packaging volume and the cargo area can be reduced, and the handling cost and storage cost can be reduced.

High-foam polyethylene is mostly a closed-cell structure and does not absorb moisture. The goods packaged with it will not be exposed to wind and rain even if it is left outdoors. The cushioning properties of the foam itself will not be reduced. Polyethylene foams are often used as packaging liners. Different commodities can be used in different forms, such as up and down cushions, two-side cushions, all-around cushions, and matching appearances. Different commodities should also use different characteristics of polyethylene foam.

About PE foam cutting machine:

Pe foam has always been a popular application in our cutting machine industry. Because it is moderately soft and hard, it is easy to pick up, so cutting it with our cutting machine is very suitable.
Currently, in the production line of pe foam manufacturers in the society, there are basically all cutting machines.

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Cutting force:30-100tons or customized

Cutting area:610*1600mm or customized


1. The operation is simple, fast and accurate.
2. Double cylinders and four columns of automatic balancing structure ensure that the cutting depth is exactly the same for each cutting position.
3. Can be used in conjunction with single-sided or double-sided automatic feeding devices to increase overall production efficiency by two to three times.
4. When cutting the knife press knife, it will automatically slow-cut, there is no dimension error between the uppermost and the lowermost layer of the cutting machine.
5. Unique setting structure, with cutter and cutting height, make stroke adjustment simple and ready.
6. Central automatic lubrication system guarantees machine accuracy and improves machine durability

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