Heat Press Leather Belt Embossing Machine
May 30, 2018

Leather Belt Embossing Machine

Almost all of us have a belt. The pattern on the leather belt is also varied. Then, do you know how the pattern on the belt is made?
The pattern on the leather is produced by a belt embossing machine. The working principle of the belt embossing machine is to heat the mold through an electric heater to process the belt and produce a unique belt pattern.

It special used for leather belt, steering wheel cover embossing.


1. It is very easy to set and unload plates.

2. The upper molding plate softens leather Material by heating .
3. Heating and perssing time can be setandadjusted as required.
4. Convenient and safe draw-out working table Is adopted.
5. It has a high pressurizing speed, Large preeure and low energy consumption.

konw more about this leather belt embossing machine:

Mold for leather belt:

leather belt embossing machine_副本.jpg

Honggang hydraulic Leather belt emboosing machine:

leather belt machine.jpg

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