How does the cutting machine set the pressure?
Jan 29, 2019

Cutting machine die setting:

1. Remove debris from the worktop pad.

2. Right-click “Power Switch”, click “Oil Pump Start”, turn the “Cutting Depth” knob to the left position, press the two cutting switches with both hands, and run the air several times to release the setting slider.

3. Place the cut material and the die in the center of the pad

4. Rotate the cutter's “die setting” switch to the right, and the cutting plate will start to slowly descend until it closes.

5. Move the setting slider up and down a few times and put it to the bottom to lock it.

6. Turn the “die setting” switch to the left and cut the platen to the highest position. At this time, the die setting is completed.

Cutting pressure setting of the cutting machine:

1. After the die setting work is completed, place the cut material on the backing plate, then place the die on the cut material, and then push the feeding plate into the cutting work area.

2. Press two working switches (green button) with both hands. At this time, the cutting plate is lowered and pressurized to the die. After the cutting die cuts the material, it automatically rises to the position before starting to stop (the cutting machine with pressure maintaining function) After the delay, the pressure is raised and raised).

3. When punching the material, if it is found that the cut material is not completely cut, adjust the cutting depth controller and rotate the “cutting depth” knob clockwise; if the die is pressed too deep, the cutting depth will be The knob rotates counterclockwise. The larger the knob rotation value, the deeper the cutting depth, and the rotation amplitude is slowly increased. Try to adjust until the die is slightly pressed into the pad.

Cutting machine rise height setting:

Press the "rising height" knob to control the rising height of the upper platen; the larger the value of the knob, the higher the height. Remember that this value cannot be "0".

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