How many kinds of cutting machine die?
Jan 22, 2019

There are two types of cutters commonly used in cutting machines: iron cutters and laser cutters.

The laser die cutting machine is a device that has been developed in recent years. The device mainly uses the strong energy of the laser to perform high-depth ablation of the knife template, thereby achieving the purpose of installing the cutting blade. This die-cutting process is compared to traditional machining processes:

(1) The design is simple. Conventional machining is done by drawing a pencil or ballpoint pen on the knife template, and then cutting the die. After using the laser die cutter, the design can be directly performed on the computer without any depiction.

(2) The error is small. In the traditional production, the knife template is sawed by a sawing machine, and a misalignment occurs during the movement to produce an error; and the laser knife molding machine is fully automatic and does not require manual intervention.

(3) High work efficiency. The traditional processing method is affected by the equipment of the site and the processing speed is slow; while the laser knife die machine is large-format, non-contact, and can be operated in 24 hours. Therefore, the application of the laser die cutting machine can significantly accelerate the development of the enterprise and improve economic efficiency. In the printing industry, it is mainly used for cutting, cutting, etc. of carton models.

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