Hydraulic Embossing Machine For Leather
May 11, 2018

Hydraulic Embossing Machine for Leather

The bags, leather shoes, leather garments, and purses in various shopping malls nowadays have a variety of patterns or patterns. Do you know how these patterns are made? True, most of them are produced using hydraulic embossing machine for leather.
We are also a manufacturer of leather embossing machines and have the ability to independently research and develop.

Most of the domestic leather processing plants will purchase machines from our company.

Machine application:

This embossing machine for leather, suitable for all real leather or artificial leather goods,fabric,EVA foam,embossing,polishing,perforating,cutting and so on.

Machine Parameter:

Embossing pressure: 40-250tons

Embossing area: 350*300mm, 600*500mm, 750*600mm, 600*700mm

Machine feature:

1.Processing the leather materials surface by heating plates and hydraulic pressure.
2.Both manual and automatic feeding available.
3.Heating time,heating temperature,pressure force,feeding rate can be adjusted.
4.With safety device of urgent buttons and double hands working.
5.Easy to set and unload plates,simple to operate.
6.Embossing area:600*500mm or 750*600mm or 850*700mm or customize.

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