Insulation Foam Cutting Machine
May 09, 2018

Insulation Foam Cutting Machine

Insulation foam cutting machine is a special modification machine equipment of HG hydraulic cutting machine, which is specially used for foam + air conditioning stickers, car stickers, felt, sponge etc. as sound insulation products.

We can provide you with OEM service, size/ton/roll to meet your needs.

As shown in the following figure, our customers purchased this machine to cut the machine for the soundproof insulation sponge of the car. This machine adopts roller feeding method to convey the material. The whole process is fully automatic, the production efficiency is very high, and the saving is Labor cost.

Features and benefits:
1. hydraulic die-cut, four-post, twin-cylinder.
2. PLC control system to achieve full-automatic operation, greatly saving manpower.
3. Single side conveyor belt for conveying the sample after cutting.
4. Automatic chain roller system for roll materials
5. Adjustable cutting speed and depth.
6. Size/ton/roll can meet your needs.

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