Plastic Egg Tray Cutting Machine
May 16, 2018

Plastic Egg Tray Cutting Machine

Plastic egg tray cutting machine is alsoed a hydraulic cutting machine, this machine is widely used in plastic packaging industry, nowadays, the egg trays on the market are all cut out by cutting machines.

We are a cutting machine manufacturer with 22 years of experience. We have very good reputation and reputation at home and abroad, especially in the plastic packaging industry. If you are a manufacturer of egg trays or blister packaging trays, choosing to purchase our machines is a very wise decision.We will give you the most competitive price, and give you free testing and designing machine solutions.

Cutting force:25-300tons

Cuttting area:610*1600 or 610*1220 or 810*1400mm

About the cutting force and cutting area Can be customized according to your requirements,OEM,ODM welcome!

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