Rubber Gasker Cutting Machine
May 21, 2018

Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine

Nowaday,many industry must be used the rubber gaseket, such as electronic field, industrial machine & equipment, agricultural machine & equipment, house-hold appliance,tele-communication, automobile, medical equipment industry etc.

However, Do you know how rubber gaskets produced?

It's use the rubber sheet cutting machine, it also also four column cutting machine.

General cutting rubber gaskets, you only need to use a small tonnage cutting machine can be produced. As long as you make a mold for rubber gasekets, you can press through our rubber sheet cutting machine to get the finished product.

As shown in the following picture, some of our customers' rubber gaskets cutting machine molds and samples are produced by our cutting machine.

Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine.jpg

Rubber Gasket Cutting Machine.jpg

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