Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine
May 08, 2018

Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine

Brief description:

Cutting machine for cutting a variety of infinite rubber, paper and plastic rubber sheet. cloth foam  PVC And other non-metallic sheet with a certain hardness  plate. This machine cuts through the die mold, size can be adjusted, the speed is steady, uniform,not deviate. Different requirements of different materials requires specialized design, matching the appropriate tool. The machine is facilitate easier and safer operation。

Cutting sheet thickness: 50-240mm

Cutting area: 610*1600mm or 610*1220mm or 810*1400mm

cutting force: 25-300tons


1. Double oil cylinder and four-column guided automatic balance connecting rod structure can guarantee the absolutely same cutting depth of each cutting position.
2. Provided with automatic lubricating system with simple operation, low malfunction rate and strong cutting force.
3. The super long travel is set, which is suitable for cutting of super thick materials and super high die cutter.
4. When the cutting board is pressed to touch the die cutter, slow cutting will automatically start to make that there is no size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of the cutting material.
5. The special set structure is equipped to assort with the cutter and cutting height to make the adjustment of travel simple and accurate.Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine

Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine.png

Rubber Sheet Cutting Machine

Rubber Cutting Machine.png

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