What is the role of the throttle valve used in the cutting machine?
Dec 06, 2018

The throttle valve used by the cutting machine is a valve that controls the flow of fluid by changing the throttle section or the throttle length. The throttle valve and the check valve are connected in parallel to form a one-way throttle valve. The throttle valve and the one-way throttle valve are simple flow control valves. 

In the hydraulic system of the cutting machine dosing pump, the throttle valve and the relief valve cooperate to form three throttling speed control systems, that is, the throttle of the intake pipe. Speed control system, return flow throttle control system and bypass throttle speed control system. 

The throttle valve has no flow negative feedback function and cannot compensate for the instability caused by the load change. It is generally only used in applications where the load does not change much or the speed stability is not high.

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