What kind of cutting machine is used for sushi blister tray?
Feb 12, 2019

There are many types of sushi blister trays. The tray products are one of the types of blister in the blister industry. These trays are strong in strength, and the trays are suitable for withstanding the strength according to the shape and structure of the articles. The thickness of the materials used is also Many different, depending on the packaging needs of the packaged goods, such plastic trays are often used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology products industry, cosmetics industry, health care products industry and so on. In use, the commonly used materials for such trays are PVC and PS hard film. Generally, transparent plastic trays are commonly used in packaging, and other colors can be selected according to individual needs.

The characteristics of the sushi blister tray cutting machine: When the punching head acts on the workpiece through the die, the pressure in the working cylinder does not reach the rated pressure, and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (cutting into the workpiece) increases. Until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve is reversed, and the punching head starts to reset; at this time, the pressure in the cylinder may not reach the set rated pressure value due to the limitation of the time of the pressure oil entering the cylinder; In other words, the system pressure does not reach the design value, and the die cutting is completed.


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