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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Precision Four-column Cutting Machine And Plane Cutting Machine
Jun 05, 2018

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Precision Four-column Cutting Machine And Plane Cutting Machine

The precision four-column cutting machine has risen in the beginning of 2000. It is now relatively common in the market, and it is also a model recommended by sales personnel. The plane cutting machine (also known as the rail cutting machine and the two-column cutting machine) has a small amount in the 1980s. Production was not accepted by the market at that time because the technology was not completely passed. It was the mid-1990s when the true solution to the technical problems was widespread. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of precision four-column cutting and plane cutting machines?

First, precision four-column cutting machine
a, Advantages; Reasonable mechanical structure, high fuselage strength, high cutting precision, easy to adjust knife mold sorghum, self-carrying lubrication system without artificial refueling, - Assembled fuel tank as long as the welding will not leak oil, convenient Large-tonnage machines are manufactured with longer life.
b, shortcomings multiple time control cutting position is not as accurate as the position control, hydraulic system installed in the lower body (the lower body to ensure sufficient strength only a small hole) maintenance and repair is not convenient, the motor oil pump is mounted on the outside of the fuselage It is easy to get stuck and the noise is too large, too much hydraulic oil is filled at one time (how many customers react) and the cost of maintenance oil change is high every year, and the whole machine has high purchase cost (high cost).

Precision four-column cutting machine as shown below:

precision cutting machine.jpg

Second, plane cutting machine
a, Advantages; overall machine cost is cheap, cutting speed is fast, the electrical circuit integrated in the machine is relatively safe, the position control cutting precision is higher, the filling pressure oil right amount maintenance cost is low, the maintenance maintenance is relatively easy and simple.
b. Disadvantages A single cylinder is not suitable for making a large-pressure machine. The accuracy is generally not high, and the front-rear width increase is limited.

Plane cutting machine as shown below:

In summary, the optional flat cutting machines such as: footwear, gloves, caps, toys and other industries are not required for cutting! Others such as: Blister, luggage, EVA, PE, sponges, floor tiles, automotive interiors and other industries that require the use of precision four-column cutting machine.

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