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Analysis CNC Cutting Machine Focus On The Development Of The Field And The Market
Feb 05, 2018

Technological innovation is undoubtedly a more reliable way, integrated the past ten years CNC cutting machine technology in the domestic market is not difficult to find the development of CNC cutting machine in the domestic market quickly gained popularity and application, largely due to domestic enterprises for Absorption and digestion of relevant technologies, while adopting batch and large-scale production modes, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of CNC cutting machine equipment, and lay a solid foundation for domestic CNC cutting machine enterprises to gain a foothold in the international market. However, it is undeniable that comprehensiveness Or breakthrough in CNC cutting technology updates both in time and cost require a lot of input, in this regard, for many years in CNC cutting machine technology research and development of Dongguan Zhen Lei Lee Electrical has a profound understanding of in-depth analysis of the domestic NC cutting machine market sales channels can be found that despite the recent application of related technologies and market penetration have achieved significant results, but for the CNC cutting machine market, deepening sales has not been established, in addition to the secondary and tertiary markets sales efforts To be strengthened, some marginal industries, cross-line The future may also become a hot topic of domestic CNC cutting machine market. In this regard, Dongguan Zhen Lei Li Electrical also has some of their own views.

From the applicable industries and enterprises point of view, CNC cutting machine focus on the development in the following areas:

1, high-speed, precision CNC lathes, turning centers and more than four-axis linkage of complex processing machine tools. Mainly to meet the aerospace, aviation, cutting machine instrumentation, instrumentation, electronic information and bio-engineering industries.

2, high-speed, high-precision CNC boring machine and high-speed, high-precision vertical horizontal machining center. Mainly to meet the automotive engine cylinder head and aerospace, cutting machine high-tech industries such as large-scale complex structure of the stent, shell, box, light metal parts and precision machining needs.

3, heavy duty, heavy duty CNC machine tools: CNC floor milling and boring machine, heavy duty CNC gantry boring and milling machine and gantry machining center, heavy duty CNC horizontal lathe and vertical lathe, CNC heavy hobbing machine, etc. These products meet the energy, aerospace, military , Ship mainframe manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold processing, steam turbine engine block and other parts processing needs.

4, CNC grinding machine categories: CNC cutting machine ultra-precision grinding machines, high-speed high-precision crankshaft grinding machines and camshaft grinding machines, all kinds of high-speed high-speed special grinder, to meet the needs of precision ultra-precision machining.

5, CNC machine tools: large-scale precision CNC cutting machine tools, CNC low-speed wire cutting machine tools, precision small hole EDM, mainly to meet the large and precision molds, precision machining parts, tapered or special-shaped hole Processing and aerospace, aviation and other special needs of the industry.

6, CNC cutting machine tools (forging equipment): CNC cutting machine sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting compound machine, CNC powerful spinning machine, mainly to meet the automotive, motorcycle, electronic information industry, home appliances and other industries demand bulk production volume And automotive wheels and military industry a variety of thin-walled, high strength, high precision rotary parts processing needs.

7, NC cutting machine tool and production line: FMS / FMC) and all kinds of special CNC cutting machine tools, this kind of production line is designed for the cylinder, cylinder head, gear box, Shell, box parts processing needs.

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