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Automatic Cutting Machine Automatically Adjust How To Operate?
Apr 24, 2018

Automatically adjust the height of the automatic cutting machine Cutting the torch can cut the surface of the cutting board cutting the degree of change, adjust the cutting height.

Automatic adjustment is divided into capacitive automatic adjustment and arc-pressure automatic plasma cutting machine. Capacitor with a raised ring, it will change with the capacitance value to the sensor plate and the ring has a capacitance difference between the capacitance value of the reaction slow, automatic flame cutting machine cutting plate speed is slower.

Arc pressure automatically adjust the height, CNC plasma cutting machine automatically cutting machine with a voltage difference between too close too far the computer will immediately feel the change automatic cutting machine, and then immediately adjust the distance between the gun head and board cutting.

The so-called laser automatic cutting machine is the laser beam irradiation to the surface of the workpiece to release energy to melt and evaporate the workpiece, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving, with high precision, cutting fast, not limited to the cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material , Smooth incision, low cost and other characteristics, said to gradually improve or replace the traditional cutting equipment.

Laser is a light plasma automatic cutting machine, and its natural light, is generated by atomic (molecular or ion kite) transition, but also spontaneous radiation caused by spoon. Although the laser is light, but it is significantly different from the normal light is the laser only in the first very short time dependent on spontaneous emission, the subsequent process is completely determined by the stimulus, so the laser has a very pure color, cutting machine almost no divergence Directionality, engraving machine, high luminous intensity. Laser at the same time with high coherence, high strength, high directivity, the laser generated by the laser transmitted by the mirror and through the collection mirror to the processing of objects, so that the processed objects (surface) by the strong heat and the temperature increased dramatically, So that the point due to high temperature and rapid melting or vaporization, with the trajectory of the laser head to achieve the purpose of processing CNC cutting machine. Laser processing technology in the advertising industry is mainly divided into: laser cutting, laser engraving two working methods, for each way of working, we have some in the operational flow of different places.

Technological innovation is undoubtedly a more reliable way, integrated automatic cutting machine technology over the past decade in the development of the domestic market is not difficult to find, automatic cutting machine in the domestic market quickly gained popularity and application, to a large extent, is that domestic enterprises for Absorption and digestion of related technologies, while adopting batch and large-scale production modes, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of automatic cutting machine equipment, and lay a solid foundation for domestic automatic cutting machine enterprises to gain a foothold in the international market. However, it is undeniable that comprehensiveness Or breakthrough NC cutting technology updates both in time and cost require a lot of input, in this regard, for many years engaged in automatic cutting machine technology research and development of Dongguan Zhen Lei Lee Electrical has a profound understanding of in-depth analysis of the domestic auto Cutting machine market sales channels can be found that despite the recent application of related technologies and market penetration have achieved significant results, but for the automatic cutting machine market, deepening sales has not been established, in addition to the secondary and tertiary markets sales efforts To be strengthened, some marginal industries, cross-line The future may also become a hot topic in the domestic market of automatic cutting machine. In this regard, Dongguan Zhen Lei Li Electrical also has some of their own views.

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