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CNC Cutting Machine How To Return To The Starting Point After The Failure?
Feb 05, 2018

CNC cutting machine causes the failure and analysis:

CNC plasma, flame cutting machine processing efficiency, widely used in high-volume processing of complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy of the parts. We usually put parts of the same thickness on the entire steel plate during production (for example, the plate size is 2.5M × 10m and the parts are up to hundreds in number), which can make full use of the steel plate space, save the raw materials and improve the work efficiency . However, due to the large size of the plate, the processing of parts and more to the need to cut the entire steel plate several working classes, the middle of the cutting machine there are several times to stop working, which requires the cutting machine with a breakpoint in the next work automatically from the breakpoint Continue cutting function.

At present, the factory used CNC cutting machine in normal work, the operator of the cutting machine with the breakpoint cutting function can be successfully completed cutting work. The method is as follows: when the operator wants to stop working while cutting and wants to save the break point of the cutting site, press s to stop when running to the idle section, then press the enter key to exit the cutting operation, and the breakpoint data System memory. cutting machine At this point, the operator should remember the coordinates of the X, Y direction, and then into the empty operation so that the cutting machine to move in the opposite direction, until the coordinates of the X, Y direction and the above-mentioned coordinates of the same value, positive Negative difference (this location for the starting point of the program, but also the origin of the plate) can be shut down. The next time you turn on the job, enter the corner of the steel plate at the corner of the letter C, you can continue to the last interrupted cutting operation.

The above operation method shows that if an operator wants to stop working halfway, he must first control the cutter to return to the beginning of the program (or the origin of the steel plate) to resume cutting at the next work. Plasma cutting machine Obviously, if the cutting machine suddenly breaks down in normal work (for example, power failure, servo system failure, control computer crashes, etc.), the operator can not bring it back to the starting point of the program because it has no power-off memory (Or the origin of the plate).

In this case we generally approach is: to be repaired after the cutting machine back to normal, the remaining plate Qi Qi edge, and then by the programmer to re-create a new program for cutting. In this way, some parts of the breakpoint are not cut, making it unusable, resulting in a waste of raw materials and an increase of production costs. In the same way, repetitive work is also caused to the programmer, resulting in lower production efficiency.

In production practice, we have successfully solved the problem of returning to the starting point of the program (or the origin of the steel plate) after the occurrence of a cutting machine fault by setting the zero for the cutting machine. Specific methods of operation are as follows: First, the operation of the cutting machine, so that the longitudinal slide slowly touch the measuring rod, and compress the spring so that the appropriate deformation, the dial indicator will be set to "0"; then use the same method to the other zero Device dial indicator also set "0". No matter what the X, Y coordinates are displayed by the cutting machine now, press Z to make it all zero. This position is the zero point manually set for the cutting machine. Flame cutting machine and then operate the cutting machine according to the location of the plate to set the starting point of the program (or the origin of the plate), set the good and remember the X, Y coordinates at this time, the coordinates is the cutting machine zero and program start (Or plate origin) relative position. When the fault occurred before troubleshooting, to be back to normal after the cutting machine to make it to zero, and then use the remembered coordinates can find the starting point of the program (or the origin of the plate). This can be achieved smoothly cutting continued cutting until the entire steel cutting is completed.

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