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Common Failures And Solutions Of Swing Arm Cutting Machine?
Jun 09, 2018

Common Failures And Solutions Of Swing Arm Cutting Machine?

In many cutting machines, arm-boom feeders should have the most stable structure and the fewest faults. Generally, there will be some failures after N years. Therefore, the faults that often occur in the machines are summarized here with everyone.

of course! The failure of the arm-feeder is also divided into three parts: mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic;

1, mechanical failure; the most common is to adjust the high-silent screw release (small machine for the cylinder off).
The reason is: the upper limit block is damaged or detached. Adjust the top handwheel to cause the boom to rise too high.
The specific symptom is: When the swing arm is lowered during cutting, no pressure is applied after the cutter die is contacted (small machine does not move).
Solution: Adjust the top hand wheel to lower the arm to the proper position. It should be noted that copper damping (on the screw nut inside the oil tank) is required at this time, otherwise the cutting depth will be different for each machine, and The deeper the cut, the deeper. The small machine can pull the top hand wheel hard on the arm of the swing arm, so that the piston of the oil cylinder is reinstalled into the oil cylinder. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the sealing ring is pulled while watching the seal ring to prevent the seal ring from entering the cylinder.

2, electrical failure; electrical failure is the most common cutting depth, moving momentary stop or no action.
The reason is: the button switch is damaged, the potentiometer is damaged, and the circuit board is damaged (mostly the small-sized machine is damaged and the time relay is damaged)
Solution: Replace the button switch, potentiometer, circuit board or time relay.

3, pressure failure; hydraulic failure is generally no action, no pressure.
The reason is: the solenoid valve is damaged, the oil pump is damaged, the oil leak, the piston ring or the seal ring is damaged.
Solution: Replacement of solenoid valves, oil pumps, repair of oil leaks, replacement of piston rings, or seal rings are relatively difficult to resolve. Multiple hydraulic faults can be solved.

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