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Cutting Machine Accuracy, Speed, Effect And Stability Comparison
Feb 05, 2018

cutting machine cutting accuracy

cutting machine with cutting precision, fast, free from cutting patterns, low processing costs, are gradually replacing the traditional metal cutting equipment. At present, the application scope of the cutting machine is more and more widely, and the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine is related to the processing technology, so it is also one of the most concerned issues for purchasers. For the understanding of cutting machine accuracy, many people have some misunderstandings. In fact, cutting machine cutting accuracy does not depend entirely on the device itself, but by many factors. Below, we come to a simple understanding of what factors most likely to affect the cutting machine cutting accuracy.

a. The spot size of the laser beam after it has been focused. The smaller the spot size after laser beam gathering, the higher the cutting accuracy.

b. Workbench walking accuracy determines the cutting repeat accuracy. The higher the worktable accuracy, the higher the cutting accuracy.

c. The greater the workpiece thickness, the lower the accuracy, the greater the kerf. As the laser beam is tapered, kerf is also tapered, the same is stainless steel, 0.3mm stainless steel than 2mm stainless steel kerf much smaller.

d. The workpiece material has a certain impact on the accuracy of the cutting machine. Under the same conditions, stainless steel than aluminum cutting high precision, section is also more smooth.

cutting machine cutting speed and cutting effect

cutting machine without burrs, wrinkles, high precision. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, modern CNC cutting machine systems controlled by computer programs tend to be preferred over die-cut and die-cutting processes because they facilitate the cutting of workpieces of various shapes and sizes; although the cutting machine is still slower than the machining speed Die punch, but it does not die consumption, no need to repair the mold, but also save time to replace the mold, thereby saving the processing costs and reduce production costs, so the overall consideration is more cost-effective. In the metalworking industry, where heavy weight is held in industrial manufacturing systems, many metal materials, regardless of their hardness, are capable of deformable cutting. However, for high reflectivity materials, such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum alloys, the cutter is difficult or impossible to cut because they are also good heat transfer conductors.

During the cutting process add the auxiliary gas that matches the material to be cut. Steel cutting uses oxygen as an auxiliary vapor and the molten metal to generate exothermic chemical reaction of the oxidized material while helping to blow away the slag within the kerf. Cutting polypropylene A class of plastics Use compressed air, cotton, paper and other combustible materials cutting inert gas. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle can also cool the focusing lens to prevent the soot from entering the lens holder to contaminate the lens and cause the lens to overheat. cutting machine cutting speed selection is actually very important, the best cutting speed range can be selected according to equipment description or test to determine, due to the thickness of the material, the material is different, the melting point, the size of the thermal conductivity and after melting The surface tension and other factors, the cutting speed is also a corresponding change.

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