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Cutting Machine Cutting Material Deformation Causes
Apr 14, 2018

Cutting Machine Cutting Material Deformation Causes

Cutting machine cutting material deformation is generally due to several aspects:

First, the knife mold problem;
More than 95 percent of companies use laser knife dies and key knife multi-tool molds that become blunt after they are used for too long. When cutting, the materials will be deformed due to the cutting force becoming larger and the materials will be deformed, and the edges will not be cut. Smooth and more general knife mold to use a certain period of time to do some maintenance (please consult the knife mold manufacturers) to delay the knife mold becomes blunt.

Second, the punching material is too thick;
Laser knife mold cutting more than 5 mm above the material will have a different process of deformation, and the key blade is also the same, was originally used to cut a single layer of leather, but some plants can be cut 50 percent Burdock cloth, deformation Yes, only some industries ignore negligible distortions.

Third, the money cutting board is too soft;
Cutting pad We recommend using a PP plate, but some manufacturers use a plastic plate for cheap, when cutting a slightly hard material (a soft and erratic material) will appear deformation, suggest that if you have better wayward Materials that are not easily cut can use nylon or harder boards.

Fourth, the material pressure is higher;
Material is now more distortion is nothing more than chaos PE, ■, pearl cotton and other foaming materials, such materials are relatively thin cutting no problem, but when the thickness of thick and thick deformation will be a lot more we have contacted Many of these materials can only be seen in the product to work out a suitable solution to compensate for the deformation and reduce the amount of deformation. Such materials are not deformed at all.


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