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Cutting Machine On The Air What Are The Requirements
Feb 05, 2018

The application of cutting machine has been more and more widely. As the upgrading and replacing equipment of early manual cutting, the advantage of cutting machine is very obvious. On the other hand, the higher usage rate and harsh environment make the maintenance requirements of cutting machine more and more The higher, the following we will mainly on the cutting machine lubrication issues and we do a simple discussion. cutting machine which is good

Nowadays, environmental protection is a hot topic. People pay more and more attention to environmental protection. In today's increasingly harsh environment, people in the metal processing industry summed up their own ways of environmental protection: 1. Reduce the amount of chemicals added. 2, use a smaller filter system. 3, trace lubrication applications. But not every method is suitable for all users?

In terms of reducing the amount of chemical added, the overall production cost will be increased and the service life of the cutting tools will be shortened. In the long run, reducing the amount of chemicals added will cause more problems such as frequent cleaning System brings high chemical and waste disposal costs.

cutting machine, also known as plasma arc cutting machine, is a plasma cutting technology to machine metal materials. Is the use of high-temperature plasma arc heat at the workpiece cut part of the metal part or part of the melting (and evaporation), and by high-speed plasma momentum to exclude the molten metal to form a cut method of processing. Features are: automatic and semi-automatic cutting dual mode selection; digital precision control cutting length; easy to operate.

cutting machine on the air requirements generally use compressed air. In the normal cutting machine cutting process, the gas pressure and the stability of the gas flow and gas drying and purity, a direct impact on cutting machine cutting quality and whether the normal arc. The best way is to install the rear of the gas tank plus a large oil-water separator in the morning before the start of the morning, turn on the oil-water separator put the gas, let the stored oil released, cut into the machine to ensure that the cut Machine gas dry and pure.

cutting machine plasma cutting method in addition to the general form, derived from the form of water-compressed plasma cutting. The most common methods are general plasma cutting and air plasma cutting.

General plasma cutting without shielding gas, working gas and cutting gas from the same nozzle. When the arc is started, the small-flow ionized gas is ejected as the ionizing medium; while cutting, the large-sized gas is ejected to eliminate the molten metal.

Air plasma cutting machine cutting the general use of compressed air as ion gas, this method of cutting low cost, easy to source gas. Compressed air heating in the arc, decomposition and ionization, the resulting oxygen cutting metal to produce chemical exothermic reactions, speed up the cutting speed. The fully ionized air plasma has a high enthalpy value, so the energy of the arc is large and the cutting speed is high

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