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Cutting Machine Technology Has Been Rapid Progress
Feb 05, 2018

After years of development, cutting machine technology has progressed rapidly, CNC water cutting machine because it has become a reliable cutting tool, is widely used in various processing sectors. In fact, the cutting machine is constantly changing in addition to its reliability and pressure.

Because water cutting technology, its higher pressure can make its operating costs continue to decrease, water jets of abrasive materials issued by the higher power, you can make the cutting device to more than 60,000 psi pressure unit to cut higher, At the same time, the amount of abrasive material used can be reduced accordingly, since higher material speeds increase the ability to cut metal.

Many people choose to cut the machine, on the one hand to improve the cutting results, but also on the one hand to save time and materials, so only high pressure to achieve this goal. In addition to saving time and materials, higher pressures reduce the amount of water and electricity used than typical water-cutting equipment with 60,000 psi pressure.

However, the higher the pump pressure on the cutting machine, the more stress is required on the internal components. The solution to these powerful new system problems is to enhance the maintenance of these system lines, fasteners, seals, and other internal components maintenance.

So the technology used in these cutters will be the common technology used in all kinds of machines, with longer service life lines and quick-connect connections becoming the standard, helping to extend the service interval for water cut equipment.

The cutting machine is a high productivity machine that clearly outperforms other cutting technologies; at the same time, the water cutting equipment is completely free of harmful gases or liquids and does not generate heat on the workpiece surface , So the cutting machine should be Karma is a real multi-functional, high-efficiency cold cutting.

However, the characteristics of cutting machine by its CNC operating software, you must accurately control the cutting machine software to ensure cutting quality, cutting efficiency and cutting costs are in line with the above characteristics. What follows is some of the routine features of the cutter software.

When operating the cutting machine software, if a single segment is selected, it will be simulated from scratch or from any segment. Each time the keyboard is pressed, a line in the NC code is simulated; if it is a curve, then the entire curve is simulated; if it is not selected , The simulation is continuous simulation mode.

If you want to display the program, the simulation process will display each piece of processing code, but the display code will make the simulation slower. The X-axis mirror image mirrors the X-axis of the NC code. It is also the value of Y in the NC code that changes from the positive value to the negative value, and the original negative value changes to a positive value. The Y-axis mirror is also true.

There is also a DXF automatic cutting machine control software, if you select this option, the control software DXF file will be automatically linked in series. That is, from the beginning of the first paragraph, followed by automatically find the next paragraph connected to it.

Since a closed figure often have feed and outlet lines, in order to facilitate automatic tandem connection need to save the feed line, cutting machine and then click the first line in the closed graph, and then go to select all the other lines in the closed graph, select A knife line.

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