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Cutting Machine To Create Value For Stainless Steel
Feb 05, 2018

With the rapid rise of the sheet metal processing industry, the metal cutting market has become extremely hot, which in fact led to the development of China's cutting machine industry. Conventional sheet metal processing in the multi-species, small quantities, customized, high-quality, short delivery orders before, it has obvious deficiencies. In the highly competitive market environment, the urgent need of a new processing methods instead, laser processing technology in the sheet metal workshop came into being. cutting machine with high precision, high speed, flexible machining, etc., become the direction of the development of sheet metal processing technology, a great alternative to CNC punching equipment trends.

"The slowdown of machinery, automobile and home appliance industries led to the further shrinking of steel demand, combined with overcapacity, the steel market is in a downturn environment. The profits of the machine tool industry dropped sharply in 2012" Luo Baihui, Principal Analyst, Pointed out that this is not unrelated to the downturn in the machinery industry, and automotive, home appliances are also large customers in the machine tool industry. Faced with the same predicament as the steel industry, cutting machine companies should reduce costs and improve competitiveness, control of production to improve the quality of cutting machine, the development of new cutting machine excavation potential.

At present, all kinds of cutting machines on the market are in endless streams, with uneven quality. A large number of cutting machines appear on the market not only disrupt the normal market order but also increase the difficulty of user purchasing. Therefore, enterprises in the production and operation of the process to control the production, out of the market does not meet the demand for products, focusing on making profitability cutting machine, while improving the quality of the cutting machine, so that not only can reduce inventory, save a lot of money for the enterprise, But also to provide users with a better cutting machine.

Like today's cutting machine market, customers need more than just a single machine, but need a comprehensive, comprehensive application solution, a solution that can help customers solve practical system problems. Stainless steel kitchenware industry is also the case, the customer needs is no longer just a cooker set of cooking stoves, more may be for the entire kitchen equipment upgrades, maintenance, energy saving and so on.

In this context, stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers must actively meet the market demand, cutting machine to actively provide customers with more and more rich, integrated, intelligent products, and actively expand the service areas, the use of diverse technologies, user-friendly customer Care, thinking from the cutting machine customer's perspective, helping customers to create more value.

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