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Domestic Cutting Machine Market Demand And Development
Feb 05, 2018

Clever Chinese use their own wisdom of the brain developed their own CNC system. At work, a special tube is used. The narrow tube can be used to deliver compressed gas like nitrogen, argon or oxygen. A magical pipeline houses a negative electrode inside. Gradually improve, so cutting technology to international standards, but also take the lead in the international (first) status, this is the pride of the people, but also the CNC industry's honor.

The word cutter is no stranger to people nowadays. cutting machine is a high-tech precision instruments, the use of the processing industry is not very extensive. Oxygen tube is red can only be used for oxygen, can not be used for other gases; acetylene tube is black, forbid the two kinds of hose for use. Plasma cutting machine at first glance such a name, we must think it is very magical, the following professional cutting machine manufacturers take us all together look at it is what kind of equipment. But ten years ago, the word sounds people feel is high-tech, not the average person get to understand, at that time there is no basic domestic cutting machine manufacturers, need cutting machine equipment, need to order from abroad, the price is very noble, when a Taiwan cutting machine price is about 1.6 million, due to the price is too high, many machinery manufacturers only hope and stop, only the then state-owned enterprises have the ability to purchase such equipment. After all, the ability to buy a limited, then the average annual import of cutting machine can only sell more than 40 units to the country.

With the development of science and technology, domestic enterprises have begun to produce cutting machine. CNC flame cutting machine in the process of using the need to pay attention to many things, the use of oxygen flame CNC cutting machine is a need to pay attention to the following on the CNC flame cutting machine oxygen tube precautions and the majority of users friends simply a bit. This time is also the most difficult cutting machine development, the domestic production of cutting machine priced at 600,000, imported equipment is 1.6 million, the price difference is too large, resulting in (to produce, to promote) all our manufacturers dare not easily try to buy, China Machinery Industry Association has been at the end of 04 statistics, the domestic use of our own R & D cutting machine manufacturer as many as 1,800 more than this survey into the future, early 05, the major machinery manufacturers in the marketing plan, including the cutting machine this project. Since then, the domestic cutting machine has slowly occupied the entire Chinese market, originally in China sales market share is not large imported cutting machine, due to the impact of the domestic cutting machine, sales were blocked, eventually failed to open China's sales door.

In recent years, the rapid development of cutting machine technology to many domestic machinery processing enterprises have brought the gospel. Domestic cutting machine is cheap, easy to operate, full Chinese subtitles, maintenance simple and clear cutting machine is like I usually play the same phone, more contact several times to be familiar with the word CNC for everyone, it is not so strange.

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