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How To Buy A Good Used Cutting Machine?
Jun 19, 2018

How to buy a good used cutting machine?

In recent years, the sale of second-hand cutting machines has been on an upward trend, with incomplete statistics. The sale of used cutting machines has accounted for 20% of the market for cutting machines. What are the reasons for the sophistication of second-hand cutting machines? Encouraged by the national policy, entrepreneurs have increased, small companies and self-employed operators have emerged in large numbers, and a large number of micro-enterprises and self-employed operators have chosen the second-hand equipment as a matter of course in order to save money in the initial stage of the venture. On the other hand, many large and medium-sized enterprises continue to introduce automatic cutting machines to save labor costs, instead of phasing out old equipment, and promoting the popularity of second-hand cutting machines.

First of all, Xiao Bian's personal idea is not to recommend the purchase of second-hand cutting machines, because the industry is still not standard, there is no relevant testing and formal trading market. General buyers and no cutting machine expertise to buy a defective machine had to dumb to eat Coptis, and many black heart merchants directly sold many defective machines and simply did not replace the corresponding spare parts and rework parts. After re-testing the test and selling, Xiao Bian mentioned here that if it is necessary to purchase the used cutting machine, please bring along the relevant professionals to attend. Of course, the following important points should also be noted:

1, whether the deformation of the fuselage;
Cutting machine is the main body, but the fuselage, if the deformation of the whole cutting machine will not use the meaning of the general meat limit does not see whether the fuselage has been deformed more than a few years of use of the machine we do not have to use micrometer The measurement can be roughly measured by using a steel tape measure. The method is to measure the spacing between the upper and lower worktables at the four corners when the machine is at rest. The use of less than 0.5 mm does not affect the use. If you exceed this value, you need to pay attention.

2. Whether the column or pot cover has worn out;
Columns or copper sleeves are also one of the inspection focuses. Generally there is only 0.08 mm gap between the upright and copper sleeves. When the machine cuts, it will not feel shaking. If the cutting or up and down action feels shaking, then between the column and the copper sleeve The gap has proved to be large, and this repair is difficult.

3, the circuit has been aging;
It is easier to check if the circuit has been aged. Fold the wire back and forth several times. If the wire is soft and hard, it shows that there is no aging. After carefully observing whether the electrical components are black or not, you can roughly judge whether the electrical components are good or bad.

4, the tannin system pressure is up to standard;
Inspection of the hydraulic system requires more professional skills to see it, because it is too complex and not easy to operate, not to mention too much here. Only give a rough method, start the machine to hear abnormal noise, whether the hydraulic components and pipe joints have obvious oil leakage, and there is no trace of hydraulic oil on the ground below the machine.

5, whether the accessories are complete;
Accessories include protective covers around the cutting machine, safety limits, pallets, pads, lubrication ducts inside the cutting machine, etc. These accessories need to be less valuable but can not be without, and some accessory machines can not be used so try not to lack Purchase Used Cutting Machine After completing the inspection of the above items, we need to power on the test machine. After the specific operation of the mold and material on the machine, no problem will be solved.

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