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How To Deal Cutting Machine With Automatic Decline?
May 26, 2018

How To Deal Cutting Machine With Automatic Decline?

After the machine has been used for a long time (this time will usually appear more frequently after 3 years), there will be an automatic decline. What causes the automatic decline? How to deal with it?

Reasons for the decline of the cutting machine:
(1) The clearance between the reversing valve wear spool and the valve body is large;
(2) The cylinder seal is aging or damaged;
(3) Damage to the connecting tubing or leakage from the fitting;
(4) The aging or damage of the hydraulic valve seal.

(1) The wear and tear on the cutting valve of the cutting machine can only be replaced directly and it cannot be repaired;
(2) Disassemble the cylinder and replace the seal ring, and two cylinders must be replaced together;
(3) Replace the oil pipe and find that the pipe joint is still leaking and replace the pipe joint;
(4) Damage to the pressure seal of the pressure valve is easy to replace, but it is recommended to replace it.

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