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How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Cutting Machine?
Jan 26, 2019

Now there are many manufacturers of cutting machines in the market, and the prices are uneven. Today I will teach you how to distinguish the high and low quality of the cutting machine.

First, some of the cutting machine's fuselage machine tools are made of shredded steel ship plates as raw materials, and the plastic hoses used in the internal oil pipes (the steel pipes are generally of good quality on the market).

Second, the machine itself has different manufacturing precision. The movement of the machine itself is operated by the transmission of some components. When the operation with high precision is not guaranteed, the life of the machine will definitely be shortened, and the fault will follow.

Third, another important reason is that the after-sales of the product, even the best machine will also appear big or small failure, some small processing manufacturers so-called after-sales is a delay and no professional after-sales personnel, it is difficult to solve the customer's The urgent need to worry about the loss caused by the failure every day, I believe that everyone is more clear than us.

Fourth, the internal structure design of the cutting machine determines the service life of the machine and the stability of the machine performance.

Fifth, the difference between the cutting machine oil circuit and the electronic control accessories, the general cutting machine failures are all present in these two parts.

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