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How To Do The Safety Of Four-column Cutting Machine?
Jun 16, 2018

How to do the safety of four-column cutting machine?

How to secure the safety of a four-post cutting machine? This is an old topic, but it is very important! Today, users of four-column cutting machines only pay attention to price, and only pay attention to efficiency in use. Basically, the original important issues have been forgotten: for example, product quality issues, after-sales service quality problems, and safety issues that should be taken into account during use. If you ignore the above-mentioned basic problems, once the machine fails to provide timely or even inability to contact the company, the occurrence of security accidents and other issues will delay a lot of time and money, and even delay the delivery date.

So how to avoid the above problem? In fact, this is what we are summarizing today: the safety of the four-post cutter. Four-column cutting machine safety is roughly divided into two aspects:

1, personal safety, personal safety is the first one; the guarantee of personal safety is important in two aspects;
a, The original machine (when purchasing should know which manufacturers do a good job security protection) whether the protection can meet the requirements of security protection, the contrary is that many of us in the purchase of the machine is precisely no matter what the security protection, but blindly pursue the lowest price If the security of the machine itself cannot meet the requirements, how can we ensure the safety of the entire production process?

b. Personal safety in the production process. Operate, overhaul, and maintain strictly in accordance with the operation of Tong Cheng. At the same time, it should be posted on the machine in a conspicuous position, always reminding the operation and maintenance personnel of the precautions and danger-prone concrete items. If necessary, additional safety fences and safety electric eyes are required;
Prevent accidents.

2, Property security, on the premise of guaranteeing personal safety, we should try our best to ensure property safety. Property security also includes two major aspects:

a. The purchase of machines is to try to buy machines of better quality because cheaper machines tend to be harder than quality, resulting in frequent downtime in service and even causing a huge loss of machines in advance. A machine with good quality and perfect service can not only produce products with better quality, but also save time and effort. Even if an accident occurs occasionally, the manufacturer will help solve the problem at the first time, so that the production efficiency is greatly improved.

b. During the operation and maintenance of property safety, operation and maintenance shall strictly follow the requirements in the product specification, reasonably operate, maintain, and maintain the machine. At the same time, the company shall formulate safety protection measures in accordance with its own production process and the machine manufacturer. (This is also our suggestion. The entire person and property safety can be guaranteed. Only by guaranteeing personal and property safety can the company develop quickly.

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