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How To Handle Cutting Machine Pressure Attenuation
Apr 24, 2018

Cutting machine pressure decay is an inevitable process (how to maintain or postpone this process?)

During the use of the cutting machine, whether it is caused by human or natural faults, it will lead to pressure drop or precision deterioration, the overall performance will be reduced, affect the quality of processed products, and even shut down for repair. Although there are many factors that cause cutting machine pressure drop or accuracy deterioration, as long as the equipment is repaired or maintained as soon as possible to reduce the continuation of equipment deterioration, the original pressure and cutting accuracy can be maintained and the original overall machine performance can be utilized.

So, what methods do we implement?

First, avoid cutting machine pressure drop:
The reasons for the pressure drop of the cutting machine are many, such as: wear of internal parts, consumption, leakage, dirty oil pressure, clogging of oil filter, too much dust mixed in the fuel tank, etc. will cause pressure to retreat. Solution: Press oil more regularly, clean the oil filter, and inspect the seals (If you find that the aging deformation is replaced, clean the machine every day, make sure the tank is sealed, and if necessary, clean the pressure elements. Do not use the pressure oil with poor quality.

Second, to avoid the deterioration of the cutting machine:
The reasons for the deterioration of the cutting machine are: excessive pressure on the machine, long use of the tool mold at the center, wear of the parts after loosening, wear of the transmission parts, too much foreign matter on the transmission parts, too much dust on the circuit components, etc. Wait. To solve or avoid the appearance of the above phenomenon: Do not overpress the machine (usually used to slow the machine to 80% or less as far as possible to mold the knife in the center of the cutting domain, often fasten the parts ant nails, etc. The machine is easy to rust and apply anti-rust oil. The electrical components are regularly cleaned and found to be replaced in a timely manner.

Third, the overall performance of the cutting machine is the accumulation of each individual component. The meticulous maintenance and repair of each component can improve the overall performance of the whole machine. The equipment maintenance department should formulate a maintenance plan, listing each class, week, and month. Maintain and maintain the project and make appropriate adjustments in light of actual usage conditions to extend or shorten the maintenance cycle; and to enhance the irregular maintenance cycle. In short, the machine is only as good as a car to maintain its best performance; there is an old saying: Only if you are good to it will it be good for you; so that our production can be carried out efficiently, smoothly and completely.

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