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How To Know The Pressure Of The Cutting Machine?
Apr 17, 2018

How to know the pressure of the cutting machine?

In the process of using the cutting machine, the machine will cut the material constantly. After the maintenance of the cutting machine, the size of the pressure valve needs to be adjusted. After many years of use, the machine pressure must be properly adjusted. These all involve a problem. Where does the pressure of the cutting machine look? Yes! Can not see the pressure of the cutting machine how can we know how much the machine uses the entire load, how do we know the size of the adjustment pressure valve, replace the die and material cutting problems and how to know if the machine pressure is not enough or the machine appears What is the problem? Today, honggang cutting machine talks about it for you.

First, the cutting machine's pressure calculation method is:
The system pressure is multiplied by the area of the piston of the oil cylinder; this formula will be calculated by everyone, and the key is not knowing the value of the prop body so it cannot be calculated. However, if you can carefully find out that the hydraulic pump nameplate has the rated pressure and the standard value can be remembered, then the cylinder diameter can be measured (the outer diameter can be roughly measured, and the shell diameter minus the wall thickness can be approximated. Output value, Note: You do not need to be very precise) Multi-system pressure multiplied by the cylinder piston area and then multiplied by the number of cylinders, so that we can roughly calculate the machine pressure.

The above is the calculation method. Now, how do we see the specific pressure of the cutting machine:
1, directly in the hydraulic system and connected to the pressure gauge, pressurize to obtain the value; if this value is close to the hydraulic pump rating, then the machine pressure is normal, if the value is too different, it means there is leakage in the hydraulic circuit or The hydraulic pump pressure decays. The attached value is the percentage of the current value and the rated value of the hydraulic pump. The actual pressure of the cutting machine can be calculated. For example: The hydraulic pump is rated at 20Mpa. The machine is marked with 40 tons. If the pressure gauge shows 1 . Ringing then the actual pressure of the machine is now 20 tons.
2, direct pressure measuring instrument on the workbench pressure to get readings, this is a very tube, the instrument has converted the measured value to quality (tons), but the instrument is more expensive, the general manufacturers will not specifically buy one Taiwan back to use.
3, According to the scriptures, listening to the sounds, and looking at the motions to estimate, this must have certain basic skills or ability to see the machine for a long time.
For the above three methods, honggang cutting machine thinks that the first one is more practical and reasonable, and it is not complicated. The cost used is also about 100 yuan, and the pressure thus detected is also more accurate.

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