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How To Know The Pressure Required By The Cutting Machine?
Jun 11, 2018

How To Know The Pressure Required By The Cutting Machine?

How to calculate the required pressure when buying a cutting machine?

At present, the cutting machine pressure on the domestic market can reach a maximum of 5000KN (500 tons) from a minimum of 80KN (8 tons). Note: Larger tonnage can be done, but the cutting machine is mainly used for non-metallic material punching, and 500 tons have already covered Ninety-nine percent of the industry! Under such a large range, it is not easy for buyers to choose a machine with suitable pressure. The honggang cutting machine explains to everyone the calculation method for the pressure required to select the machine. This method is not necessarily very accurate and is very practical. At present, it is also one of the methods used by most manufacturers.

First of all, let's first understand the die: the commonly used steel knife, laser knife, etched knife, etc.; the force consumed by the steel knife is greater than the force consumed by the laser knife and the etched knife; the steel knife must be calculated more the amount.

Now we use the laser knife as the basis for calculation: Generally based on the comprehensive analysis of the material's thickness and hardness, the thinner and softer material is generally one meter of knife line (it is calculated according to the length of the knife line not according to the size of the entire knife mold) and the required pressure is 3— 4 tons, thicker and harder material, one-meter knife line pressure is 5-7 tons. According to this formula, you can calculate the required machine pressure according to your own product. What needs to be reminded is that one should not consider the required pressure to be full, and there must be a certain amount of surplus; that is, to make the machine load to 70%-80% of the rated pressure, the machine is always in a relaxed state, and the machine is also Can use longer life! !

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