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Hydraulic Clicker Press Installation Must Be Static Balanced
Feb 05, 2018

After the hydraulic clicker press is installed on the flange, the hydraulic clicker press must be statically balanced. Static balance is to make the center of gravity of the hydraulic clicker press and its center of rotation binding, the specific method of static balance is: the flange on the mandrel, and then on the gantry rail. If it is not balanced, the heavier part of the cutting blade will always go below, move the balance block position in the annular tip of the flange, balance the center of the full hydraulic clicker press, and repeat until the hydraulic clicker press is free on the guide rail Position can be stationary, this time to achieve static equilibrium hydraulic clicker presss. Install a new hydraulic clicker press for the first static balance, fitted with a diamond grinder with the shape of the cutting blade trim, and then remove the hydraulic clicker press and then a static balance can be installed to use. Static balance twice before and after to ensure better use of the hydraulic clicker press.

If you do not perform static balance, it will cause the hydraulic clicker presss to vibrate when rotating at high speed, which will affect the processing results. In severe cases, the hydraulic clicker presss will rupture and the machine will be damaged. Therefore, the hydraulic clicker presss must be statically balanced.

Cutting the application of the film has been well-known and used by the majority of users, the market is also more and more production and sales manufacturers, before the purchase of cutting film manufacturers take you to a simple understanding of it.

hydraulic clicker press belonging to the wheel, with abrasive and binder resin made for ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic metal sheet.

Stone cutting generally requires a professional machine with a cutting blade to be used in the use of cutting stone cutting, how to deal with stone patchwork it? You know, patchwork is not good, can easily lead to damage during the later use of the stone. To this end, the cutting sheet manufacturers to introduce professional knowledge.

First determine the width of the stone to be cut, select the appropriate hydraulic clicker press, and then confirm the thickness of the stone to facilitate the adjustment of the level of the hydraulic clicker press; then pull the line with a wooden line, cutting machine cis-cut stone, cutting section serrated scratches, Please immediately replace the new hydraulic clicker press, and finally with a vacuum cleaner to suck clean, and then half-wet towel dust, wait for about half an hour later you can use a good tune of stone sealant caulking, the hydraulic clicker press of the seam processing is People often say that the seam processing, seamless processing.

It is made of fiberglass and resin to reinforce the bonding material. It has high tensile strength, impact resistance and flexural strength. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel and nonmetallic materials. The excellent material and superb technology ensure that different materials High cutting efficiency of the workpiece and the best economic results.

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