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Hydraulic Cutting Machine Introduction Line Set What Skills?
Feb 05, 2018

General hydraulic cutting machine in the implementation of cutting need to complete the drawing and cutting process editing and processing, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, generally not in the work profile directly arranged penetration point (ie, ignition point), but to leave the bow a distance , After a cutting line and then enter the workpiece contour, this line is usually called the cutting lead or lead-in. The length of the inlet is determined by the thickness of the material and the method of cutting used. In general, the length of the lead increases as the thickness increases.

hydraulic cutting machine lead-in arrangements should note the following points:

1, hydraulic cutting machine inlet does not affect the case of perforated and cut, it should be as short as possible, the introduction of the direction should be consistent with the cutting machine running direction. The slag that splashes during piercing should not fly toward the cutter, but rather fly in the opposite direction to the cutter's start-up.

2, the introduction of the line when cutting the cavity cavity arrangement

① Straight lead, in practice and all kinds, straight lead the most commonly used, but at the beginning of the cut, leaving a dent and small tail easily. When the lumen is square, the hydraulic cutting machine leads generally cut into a corner, the circular cavity generally no requirements.

② round lead, if you require higher quality cutting contacts, the best use of garden lead,

③ Lead in the shape of the workpiece when cutting the cut shape, the general use of straight leads.

④ design lead-in, but also to minimize material waste, sometimes with nesting materials to be considered.

hydraulic cutting machine shape and size of a wide variety. A giant hydraulic cutter controlled by a robotic arm for precise cutting, as well as a streamlined hand-held hydraulic cutter used in hand workshops. Regardless of size, all hydraulic cutters are based on the same principle and the structural design is about the same.

hydraulic cutting machine work, through a narrow pipe to send out such as nitrogen, argon or oxygen compressed gas. The middle of the pipe is placed with a negative electrode. When power is supplied to the negative electrode and the nozzle is exposed to the metal, a conductive loop is formed, and high-energy electric discharge occurs between the electrode and the metal. As the inert gas flows through the pipe, hydraulic cutting machine the electric spark heats the gas until it reaches the fourth state of matter. The reaction generated a stream of plasma at a temperature of about 16,649 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 6,096 m / s, allowing the metal to rapidly become molten slag.

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